At the point when the winter cooling sets in and the late spring heat turns up, make sure to call CJ’s Mechanical Services for maximum climate control at the Bay Areas best price. Whether it’s setup, repair or support, or on the off chance that you have a room that is excessively hot or extremely frosty, CJ’s Mechanical Services is here to bring back your comfort. We offer over 30 years of experience, reasonable rates, Diamond Certified work and dependable administration.

Air Conditioning 

In case you’re confronted with a sudden breakdown, there’s no technician better than CJ’s Mechanical Services. We put your comfort at the highest priority and always make sure we find a solution to your needs. We make sure our experience goes to work for you and stay up-to-day on all current and future HVAC systems. Regardless of the season or day of the week, call CJ’s Mechanical Services for HVAC services in the greater Bay Area.

Heating Systems

Whether you’re looking for seasonal maintenance or in need of a new installation, CJ’s Mechanical Services will keep your systems running at peak, trouble-free performance and efficiency. Make sure to schedule your annual tune-up before your equipment and systems have to carry the seasonal workload of extreme weather conditions. An in-depth inspection by our Diamond Certified technicians will increase your system’s longevity, avoid costly repairs, improve comfort levels and reduce energy use.


Your Residential Maintenance Agreement is a valuable service for your home. Regular service and maintenance for your HVAC system and Appliances can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the product and maximize your energy costs! In fact, the savings from your properly maintained equipment can cover the cost of your RMA investment.

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